Banks and Finance Companies can now lend to SME's
1. Slashing costs of origination by up to 80% to around $2000 per conversion
2. Embedded business rules including Pricing For Risk, Base Rates and Margins for Funding, Management and Servicing Costs based on product and credit differences 3. Credit quality once established is guaranteed to be maintained
PayNow FinTechs *CHROMOS ecosystem covers the following spectrum to comply with the above
  • - *Credit Quality
  • - High Customer Experience
  • - Recovery
  • - Origination ease
  • - Management integrity
  • - Onboarding simplicity
  • - Settlement speed

Enabling the SME Finance Process

There has always been disruption by technology from the invention of written music in the 11th C to the industrial revolution in the 19th C. Many incumbents lose out in this process but enablers have permitted transition to new ways. PayNow FinTech is such an enabler permitting Finance to flow in a simple profitable and Credit managed way to SME’s from traditional banks, finance companies and P2P lenders.


Our customer-orientated website processes engages clients to state their needs after which solutions are offered.

Multiple products are suggested based on embedded business rules with the lender’s credit policy. The online credit bureau provides a credit score. Embedded business rules then offer an immediate risk-based pricing based on their score.

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Online BusinessCentre

PayNow Fintech back office servicing platforms manage the entire relationship from on boarding to collections for both instalments and non-

instalment finance. And continue with Receipts of cash are managed with bill payments and presentment technology enabling payers to view and select invoices permitting allocation of receipts. Value-added services to clients include our payment gateway, and electronic follow-up for outstanding collections.

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For FinCo financial strategies, apart from reviewing each customers exposure by product, all finance products are stored in common product silos.

permitting allocation of receipts. Value-added services to clients include our payment gateway, and electronic follow-up for outstanding collections.

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Invoices outstanding is the major asset held by most SME’s throughout the world. PayNow App permits invoice generation in the palm of their hand and

verifies online the identity and confirmation of the transaction. The PayNow App connects with cloud and desk based accounting packages and personalizes invoices with payment directions and links. To request payment the client is hotlinked to the Customer Business Centre where clients finance facilities are managed.

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PayNow card technology will enable business purchases made on the card to be transferred to prior

approved longer term loans, allowing immediate card reuse. The card will also be able to process general purpose transactions. The PayNow has been designed with the needs of businesses in the Asia-Pacific region in mind, and hence will be available in both physical and digital forms.

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The opportunity to grow this business is awesome as forecast by many global research papers.

PayNow FinTech is presently inviting REGISTRATION FROM ENTHUSIASTIC INVESTORS to assist in the growth of PayNow FinTech with a placement of 25% Equity, Debt, and or Preferred Equity in parcels up to a Total of A$20m.

PayNow FINTECH will then also hold 33% of the FINCO SME Cash Limited. Few if any enterprises offer both "FIN" and "TECH".

Opportunities exist throughout the region beyond the SME Cash business to utilize the TECH components by other FINCO's.

PayNow FinTech and SME Cash have already in excess of 15 years’ experience in SME lending with >A$ 1 billion processed across its platforms. More than A$ 250 million unsecured instalments collected through the Global Financial Crisis with developed Credit, Collection and Recovery Procedures firmly in place.

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PayNow Fintech has a deeply developed experienced team across Database design, Web design, Mobile, API, Interactive and Digital Marketing

Suman Palikhe, Don Hesh, Don Cunnington, Rahul Chauhan, Serge Prikhodko, Mohamad Elagha, Rob Sarich.


Don Cunnington

Don Cunnington

Managing Director
40 years experience in Finance, Property, and Asian investments and partnerships.

Jennet Cunnington

Jennet Cunnington

Executive Director
30 year career in the SME retail space.

T: Australia 1300 819 457 Int: +61 2 93213100

Office: Australia Level 13/28 O'Connell St, Sydney, NSW 2000
Mail: GPO Box 3259, Sydney, NSW 2001